Not so lazy after all

Lazy brain. That’s how my daughter sometimes calls it when I say something wrong or can’t remember things. But I tell you what, my brain is not lazy. Not even a little bit. In fact, it has been working so hard that it managed to multiply cells. Into a brain tumour. Brain tumour. That’s right. According to my GP out of 40000 patients at the surgery I’m registered with, only one GP per year is being allocated a brain tumour patient. Wonder if he got extra commission. I mean, out of 40000 patients, 1 per year. That’s quite something right?!

This number is not from the national stats, it’s slightly lower but I don’t really want to write down facts otherwise I have to reference them and there’s a very good reason I chose to have a study break. This just sounded like the break is due to the referencing. Even though it can be hard to get this completely right, the actual reason for taking a break is my lazy brain. Taking a break from working towards a bachelor of science in, wait for it… psychology; the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. Somehow funny. But I think because I do like psychology and brains, this is the reason why I am so amazed and in absolute awe to have a picture of my brain. Of my beautiful, symmetrical and wonderful brain. Simply one of the most mesmerising things I have ever laid an eye on. Well, apart from the tumour in it.

Meningioma is the name of the tumour, the type if you want. It took me a while to learn this word. Words are not really my thing anyway, I do prefer numbers. But imagine they would number each illness. Are there even enough numbers on this planet for the amount of all existing illnesses? Diseases partially made up by pharmaceutical companies to make more dollars with likewise made up medication to treat the phantom diseases. You get it. And now back to the subject. 

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